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No time for a private lesson?

Join the Dello On Demand weekly video evaluation program personalized to fit your swing and schedule.  Get your swing professionally evaluated by Coach Dello weekly.  Join Dello On Demand and receive your personal evaluation complete with drills and custom workouts.  Keep yourself on track throughout your season. 
Let the professional instruction come to you!


It's easy!

  1. Join Dello On Demand (below)
  2. Film your game or practice swing.
  3. Email your video to Coach Dello.
  4. Receive an email with your professional evaluation by Coach Dello complete with...workouts, drills and suggestions for your personal improvement.

Dello On Demand Program

Monthly Program
(4 Weekly Evaluations)

Once A Week
Video Evaluation
for a total of 4 evaluations of your game or practice swing by professional hitting coach, Tony Dello each month.

All video must be emailed to  Monthly program will incure a continuing monthly charge upon enrollment.  All cancellations require a 30 day advanced notice.  Individual improvement and success is dependent upon the player.  Practiced drills, suggestions and workouts listed in the evaulation do not guarantee success.  Do not attempt these workouts without the permission of your physician.  Safety of these workouts and drills are the responsibility of the participant.  All participants assume responsibility and negligence for any injury that occurs from performing these drills/workouts.


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