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Tony Dello
Hitting For Power DVD

Hitting for Power teaches new training concepts to add power and distance to any swing.  Learn drills for warming up, balance, timing and live batting practice.  See demonstrations of proper technique and drill execution for indoor and outdoor practices.  Master the drills that have allowed Tony’s teams to lead the league in hitting and homeruns!

$39.95 + Shipping
Tony Dello
Mechanics of Hitting DVD

The Mechanics of Hitting presents a review of the fundamentals and techniques involved in sound hitting.  Featuring game-tested drills this video demonstrates how to develop proper hitting mechanics.  Topics covered include:  Warming up, hitting mechanics, vision drills, plate coverage, hand speed power drills, batting practice off a machine, balance drills and tee work.  A must have for your workouts!!

$39.95 + Shipping
Tony Dello
 Hitting Drills Flip BookVolume 1
This on-field drill book will assist any player or coach with the right drill for the right results.  This pocket sized flip book describes each drill with pictures to accompany each action.  Included with each drill is the purpose of the drill, a list of equipment needed and pictured steps to the performance of each stage of the drill.  This is a must have guide for any coach, player or parent.  Make your workouts effective! 

$12.00 + shipping
Gift Certificate
Give the gift of baseball!  This gift certificate can be applied to the purchase any Tony Dello Training product, instruction lesson or camp.  Gift certificate's must be redeemed by phone. Gift certificates can be mailed to your gift receipent if requested.  For increments greater than $50 please contact us at...847-815-7000.  




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