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As a GM, I've seen Tony work with big leaguers and as a Dad, I've seen him work with my son.  Tony gives his all no matter who he's working with and he makes players better.

-Joe Garagiola Jr.

Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations Major League Baseball and
 Former General Manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Tony is one of the best hitting coaches I've been around with his passion and knowledge.  The Power System will make you a better hitter at any level from the little leaguer to a Major Leaguer.  You will learn how to drive the ball consistently by using that lower half for leverage and creating a muscle memory swing path with the Power Hitting System.

-Rick Schu
Washington Nationals Hitting Coach

Tony will teach your child to hit!!!  During my career I have had over 100 coaches.  The thing that impresses me the most about Tony Dello is his ability to make changes in the way he gets his message to the 100's of kids he has taught to hit.  The hitting fundamentals never change, but to be able to make every kid understand these fundamentals and apply it to themselves is what separates Tony Dello!  On my son's team we have 11 different players, 11 different swings but at the crucial juncture of bat meeting ball they are all at the same point!

-Timothy Kempton
Former NBA Player

Tony knows how to instill good balance and keep a hitter's swing consistent throughout the season.

-Steve Garrabrants
Former Boston Red Sox Player

I worked out with Tony in the off season and his program truly works.  It would benefit any hitter at any level.

-Jarred Ball
Former Houston Astros Player


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